Henry David Thoreau and America Essay

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The Somalia Civil War created a place that is corrupted and shattered to pieces. People are shot and killed and there is little to eat. People are often defenseless and helpless, especially women, who are treated poorly and ridiculed. Children beg and plead, as people ambushed each other to survive. Children are taken from their parents scratching and weeping, as if they were creatures trapped in a cage waiting for their prayers to be answered. Families tried to escape by any means necessary, but many did not have enough money to better their lives. My parents fled to Kenya, where I was born. My parents wanted a better future for their children. My father moved to America with my brothers, and when there was enough money my mother, sister, and I joined them in America. My life is a product of their struggles and values my parents have encompassed through their journey to America; strength, determination, and education are the key to success.

When we came to America it felt as if our troubles and worries were left behind, as the gate of opportunity opened and a new light of hope appeared, viewing a completely different world. When my parents were in school, the school system of Somalia was utterly atrocious. Books and materials were worn out and chewed and there was only a one in five chance that you would be able to attend the school. The percentage of women attending school was even poorer. My parents didn’t want to endure that kind of environment so my father insisted that we have no other choice but to come to America. There our chances of receiving a better education were much higher and in that moment our journey had begun.

My parents inspired me to achieve the highest of my ability because they did not have the same privileges that my siblings and I have. My father is a hard-working man who gave up his education for his children. America has shown me the true meaning of this quote by Henry David Thoreau.” What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matter to what lies within us”. As I think about this quote my father comes to mind . Ever since I was a little girl my father has held my hand through all the chaos and devastation we’ve experienced together. From the time I was crawling to the time I was able to stand on my own two feet, my father has been by my side. I acknowledge the values of strength and independence as being prevalent in my life from the relationship I have with my father. I know that these values will be very useful in my future.

Somalia women were pushed around ridiculed, along with being continuously degrading, and were treated unequally than men. For example my mother was one out of the few women that attended school in my country but even though she went to school the system was treacherous, nothing but ashes on the ground. With our country in stake women and men were dismissed from their schools making them uneducated and hopeless. Her dreams, everything she worked were shattered…