Henry Hudson School vs. Rowley Essays

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Henry Hudson School vs. Rowley

Henry Hudson School vs. Rowley
Diana Arrowood
Grand Canyon University: SPE-350
August 31, 2012

I am writing this paper on the court case of Hudson District School vs. Rowley. I will discuss those involved in the case, what issues brought this case to trial, how and when the case was adjudicated, and the final outcome of the trial. I will also tell how I feel about this case and what it accomplished for the education system. Every student has the right to have an individual education plan (IEP). Although all students with disabilities are entitled to an IEP that does not necessarily mean they are eligible for every form of technology available to them. IEP are designed to keep children with
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Amy Rowley’s’ parents then petitioned the United State District Court for the Southern District of New York, they stated that the denial of the sign language interpreter was denying Amy of the free appropriate public education that is guaranteed by the Act. (Excerpt from the court's own description at 458 US 176 at 183) Weber, M. C. (2012). The examiner's decision was affirmed on appeal by the New York Commissioner of Education. Then the parents of Amy Rowley petitioned the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York with the claim that Amy was being denied a free appropriate public education guaranteed by the act. On June twenty-eighth nineteen hundred and eighty-two the court finds that Amy is an excellent student that gets along well with her peers and the staff. They also state that she performs better than the average students in her class and has had no problems advancing from one grade to the next. With all this being said they still note that she still misses out on a lot of things that she would not normally miss on if she were not deaf. So stating she is not doing as well as she could be doing if she were without her handicap. The differences between her achievements and what she would be capable of without a disability was the deciding factor in that Amy was not getting a free appropriate public education that is defined as: Having the opportunity to achieve her full potential equal with the opportunities that are given to