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Henry Poole Is Here 1.) One example if the cycle of hope int this movie is when Esperanza's boy friend made her happy and gave her hope then passed away from a tragic heart attack. That is when Esperanza went into despair and lost all hope, but when Henry Poole moved in next door and she had seen the face of Jesus on the wall she thought it was a sign that her boy friend had made it to heaven and her hope was restored. b.) Another example of the cycle of hope and despair in "Henry Poole is Here" is when Dawn's husband was in her life and was helping her raise Millie but then left unexpectedly shocking and hurting both Dawn and Millie. Millie was hurt so much that she stopped talking and sat behind her shed recording other peoples voices because she was to in despair to use her own. Then when Millie touched Henry's wall she was able to speak again, restoring her hope. Also when Henry Poole added a fatherly figure to Millie's life it helped Millie forget that her real father was gone and that also gave her more hope. c.) My final example of the cycle of hope and despair is when Henry Poole was having a successfull life and then was diagnossed with a terminal diseas. When the doctor told him he would die and there was no cure or treatment he lost all hope and gave up on life. He moved back to his hometown hoping he could find some sort of happyness in his old family house but the owner would not sell and that only made things worse. Henry was in a dark place, always drinking and wanting to be alone , but then Esperanza discovered the face of Jesus on the wall outside his house. At first Henry thought it was just a water stain from a bad stuckoe job, but as more miracles happened when people touched the wall like Millie regaining her voice and Pactience regaining her sight he started to realize that there can be hope. Dawn started to have a large impact on Henry's attitude and things began to look bright and good again. then Henry rejected Dawn, not because he didn't love/like her but because he knew he was going to die soon. Henry went back into the same attitude as before and when he came home the next day to find a large church crowd gathering in his backyard looking at the " bad stuckoe job" he was infuriated, so he took a sludge hamer to the wall in turn taking out a support beam and the whole corner of the house collapsed on top of him. What he didn't know was as he…