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Essay on King Henry VIII

I think Henry was a good king because he made one of the best colleges around today, and was the founder of the Church of England [our religion.] His Wives

Catherine of Aragon:
Catherine came from Spain and was betrothed to Henry’s older brother Arthur who later died so Henry married her. She gave him a child called *[Bloody] Mary but later on after 23 years of happy marriage Henry divorced her because she didn’t give him a male heir.
*Bloody Mary was her nickname because she liked to behead people.
Anne Boleyn:
Anne was a strict woman with a bit of an attitude. Every time someone disagreed with her in religion or other certain things she would have them beheaded. She gave Henry another child Elizabeth I but it was a girl not a boy so he wasn’t that happy. Eventually Henry got fed up and made up lies that she was being unfaithful and had 5 other boyfriends [one of which was her brother] and he had her executed.

Jane Seymour:
Jane was a soft and gentle person nowhere near as strict and cruel as Anne Boleyn. She gave Henry a son Edward VI but died during child-birth. She was the only wife of Henry to be buried with him when he died.
Anne of Cleves:
Anne was a German and had never been out of Cleves. Henry had had 3 wives from England and nobody there wanted to marry him, so he asked painters to go around the world and paint pictures of good looking woman and bring them to him. He took a liking to one painting and that was of Anne of Cleves. He had her shipped to England and married her even though they had never met. It is said as soon as he saw her he said she was a horse! They didn’t have the best marriage she couldn’t speak English and Henry only knew a bit of German so their relationship wasn’t the best. After about a month’s marriage they divorced and Anne was given a castle and was allowed to come to Henry’s palace whenever she wanted.
Catherine Howard:
Catherine was a 19 year old girl and was a very young person to marry Henry now he was 49 years old. After 2 years of marriage Henry accused her of having another boyfriend so he had her beheaded.
Kathryn Parr:
Katherine married Henry and looked after him while he was in his old age. After Henry died she married a man called Thomas Seymour [he was Jane Seymour’s brother.] Why was he a good King
Henry VIII was a great King, for he was one of the most interesting, many royals who never put a foot out of line were very boring. Henry VIII was a good leader of the Church of England. After Henry VIII’s reign England had become richer. He was an intelligent person and that helped him a lot through his reign of being king of England. He would punish people for brawling and getting drunk. He earnt a lot of money from selling the monasteries and he spent it very wisely on the military problems. He really cared about