Henry VIII Essay

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Henry VIII Henry VIII was born a Catholic and a very social figure, unlike his father. At the age of 17 in 1509, Henry VIII was ascended to the throne of England. The summer of that year, Henry married his brother’s widowed wife, Catherine of Aragon. Typically this marriage would be against biblical teachings. Henry VIII, however, was able to receive permission from Pope Julius II to marry her. Catherine was unable to provide Henry VIII with a son to inherit the crown of England. Because of this, Henry had asked Pope Clement VII to annul the marriage, but the annulment was declined. Henry then decided to remove the English church from papal jurisdiction. Henry VIII divorced Catherine and then married Anne Boleyn, who he thought would for sure give him a son. To his sorrow, Anne failed twice to have a son. Therefore, Henry VIII charged Anne Boleyn with adulterous incest and he beheaded her. Finally, Henry’s third wife was able to give him the son that he desired. A few years later Henry disbanded all monasteries to collect their wealth. Henry VIII ended 900 years of monastic life in England. Henry VIII would support Luther in his trial because he believed that men and women should be able to marry who they pleased. If they became unhappy with their marriage they should be able to remarry at their own pleasure and decision. Luther also believed that men and women, including priests, should be able to marry and remarry. Henry VIII had not always supported Martin Luther though. In 1521, Henry defended the Catholic