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Hepatitis A

What is it?
Viral liver infection
It is the inflammation/swelling of your liver
Uncommon in MEDCs such as England, but widespread in LEDCs such as Africa and India, this is due to poor water supplies, sanitation and sewage disposal
Acute illness, typically overcome quickly, symptoms usually clear up within 2 months
More serious as you get older, poor immunity or you already have liver disease

Caused by the hepatitis A virus
Usually found in the faeces of an infected person- spreads most commonly through ‘faecal-oral’ route, which us when you put something in your mouth that has been contaminated by the faeces of an infected person
Can also be spread between people through contaminated food and water, hence it being much more widespread in LEDCS, as well as eating foods that have been contaminated with raw sewage, e.g. shellfish, or by drinking contaminated water
It is easily spread in overcrowded areas where there is poor food and water hygiene
Less commonly spread through sharing needles, or during sex, particularly anal sex
Can be spread through close personal contact in small, ‘closed’ environments

Has an incubation period (the time from being exposed to the virus to the start of your symptoms) of about 2-6 weeks
Some have very mild symptoms and may not know they are infected, and can therefore unknowingly pass on the disease onto others
Symptoms may be similar to those of a flu, and include- fever, tiredness, aching limbs, feeling sick