Hepburn Versus Monroe Essay

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Cinema has been part of American life for years; undoubtedly almost everyone has a favorite movie, movie genre, actress or actor. In the late nineteen twenties the first feature length movie with sound was introduced and people have been hooked ever since. Both motion pictures and the media in general play a major role in modern entertainment and there have been many progresses made in the movie world plus new innovations are coming out yearly. It is estimated there are over 3,000 indoor movie theaters in America only, so what is it about the Cinema that has everyone so addicted? The acting of course! Hollywood is filled with an array of different actors and actress working on filming the movies we all love. Usually most people worship actresses and actors because of their fame and celebrity status. There is even a job where you can get paid to stalk movie stars and attempted to obtain pictures of them, the occupation is that of the paparazzi. What is it about Hollywood that draws in all the attention? Most likely the money, glamour, lifestyle, fame, and glory that come with being a movie star. Looking at movie stars alone there are two women that will always outshine all the rest of these “so called” stars. Those two women are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. These two leading ladies were the stars of the screens stating in the late 1940’s. Movies during the 40’s and 50’s were when women were elegant and the men where masculine filled with suave and charm. Even though they both are gone they will never be forgotten. Both Hepburn and Monroe have made their mark on Hollywood and the hearts of fans everywhere and will continue to be the epitome of greatest female actress and will set the standards for other female movie stars for generations to come. Both women known for their breath-taking beauty, feminine wiles, stage stealing acting, and stealing the hearts of both men and women fans. There can and only will be one women who is the greatest female actress of all time though.
Audrey Hepburn is the best actress of all time and will always be known for her beauty and kind heart, which will always eliminate all competition (as if there even was any). Audrey is the epitome of what every lady should be; because above all else Audrey has a trait that will always be respected and valued…class. Hepburn and Monroe are equally matched in the sense they were both exceptionally beautiful women and were popular during the same time period. Monroe however beautiful she was is a less respectful actress, because of her status as a sex symbol. This shows she is not a classy respectful actress but more so in a sense “trashy” making her not a very positive role model for young women. In comparison the genres and types of movies the women, lifestyle choices, and various awards and achievements will prove why it is true that Audrey Hepburn is a better actress than Marilyn Monroe. Audrey Hepburn was born May 4, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium to a wealthy banker and her mother Dutch Baroness. She was always enrolled in private school and took ballet and also modeled, so from a very young age Hepburn was trained in the art of becoming a sophisticated young lady. When she was only 16 years old Nazi’s invaded Holland and under their occupation in Holland she was faced with starvation and harsh living conditions. This is a significant time in her life because it shows that she was not always some spoiled, pampered princess but that she knows how to adapt and had obstacles and challenges to face in her live just as anyone else would. Audrey began her acting career in 1948 playing minor roles in European films, but that soon changed in 1953 after her role as Princess Ann in Roman holiday. The film was a huge success and Audrey won an Oscar for best actress because of her performance. Her career as an actress soon soared. One of the reason she was so popular as an actress was because she was lady-like and had class, unlike the sex-goddesses