Heritage Assessment Essay

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Heritage Assessment


Over the past 20 years a significant social movement in America has amplified public awareness toward the promotion of health and disease prevention, known as Healthy People 2000 and 2010. It has been beneficial in changing the focus of health care from a reactive standpoint to a proactive one, which endorses national health and prevention of disease (Edelmam & Mandle, 2010). However delivery of health care objectives is not enough. Health providers must recognize and incorporate cultural group patterns, and variations within that culture to provide optimal care that promotes wellness (Lipson & Dibble, 2008).


People have diverse beliefs about health, illness, disease, birth and
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Restoration through physical therapy, medication, nutrition, and exercise are prescribed and accepted as mainstream in America.

By comparison maintaining balance or harmony between person and supernatural forces is the concept that influences Filipinos health promotion and prevention (Lipson & Dibble, 2008). According to Lipson & Dibble (2008), three practices for health promotion and maintenance in the Filipino culture are centered around: heating, which maintains temperature balance, flushing, which rids the body of impurities, and protection from harmful influences. Eating well is believed to promote good health however does not necessarily mean a balanced meal as rice; the main dietary staple is essential for maintaining health. In generally, Filipino culture is not acquainted with preventative health promotion through regular health screenings, physical exams, exercise, and balanced diet (Lipson & Dibble, 2008).

In the Hispanic culture the concept of health is more dependant upon education and income with a focus of many on survival (Lipson & Dibble, 2008). According to Lipson & Dibble (2008), the Hispanic culture primarily places their main belief for health in God’s hands and not in biomedical prevention. The protection and maintenance of health is a tradition that is accomplished through prayer, wearing of religious medals, and keeping relics in ones home as well as herbs, spices and the concept of