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Heritage Assessment: Applying The Heritage Assessment
Jake Freeman

Applying the heritage assessment can be useful with integration into the health care system. First impressions go along with the proper approach. If you look at it this way first impressions are important in every culture. With the plethora of cultures out there and each family shaped by these values and beliefs a good approach is always an informed one. With a little common courtesy, topped off with some minimal knowledge of ones heritage you can get started on a good foot with your patient. So many cultures are part of the United States culture that being informed is our responsibility as
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The food they continue to eat which is healthy and the temple in which they pray contributes in a holistic way. This provides the family with some good structure contributing to there over all health. Family B is a family with originations from the Philippine islands. The parents of this family originated from the Philippines and the family currently resides in Gilbert, AZ. The family previously lived on the Island of Luzon in the city of San Fernando. Luzon is considered the rice bowl of all the islands (personal communication 10/26/2011). This is because it has the largest production of rice in comparison to the other islands. This family still holds on to traditions of comfort foods such as Tinola which is a soup consisting of ginger, garlic, chicken stock, and spinach. The family is primarily influenced by western medicine. It is a traditional thinking in the Philippines that a breach of taboos creates supernatural forces affecting one’s health. Currently this family does not have those beliefs. Philippines currently has some health care hurdles. Health care has improved in the last 10 years but poverty still affects many families. It is reported that 6 out of 10 people in Philippines will die without ever seeing a doctor (Bernabe, 2010). Philippines has put into place the Philippines Health Care Sector Reform Agenda (Tulong-Sulong