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Heritage Center
What the Heritage Center Has The Heritage Center in Frisco, Texas has a lot of interesting elements to offer. The main elements that the Heritage Center can appeal to people enough that they would want to come visit them, if they knew about them, would be the old houses, the old church building, the movie theatre, the old cars, the trains outside, the printing press, the old schoolroom, and how they used to make clothes. It is very interesting to go through all of the buildings and get educated on how it used to be.
Who is The Heritage Center’s Target Market? The Heritage Center’s Primary Target Market (PTM) is elementary school kids grades 2-5 going of field trips. This is the first chosen primary target market because of the easy volume, large word of mouth it creates, schools provide transportation, supervision, organization, and to educate the children on the past. The Heritage Center’s Secondary Target Market (STM) is elderly retired people ages 60-80 coming with friends or family. This is the secondary target market because these people are harder to market to and some can’t get out very often. This group would enjoy the Heritage Center to reminisce on the past and nostalgia there, as well to educate family or younger generations.
Which Elements Have the Most Priority? 1. The Old Schoolroom
The old schoolroom is the most important element for people who tour the Heritage Center because since the Primary Target Market is elementary school kids grades 2-5 going of field trips, they will compare the classroom that they have class in, to the one that is at the Heritage Center. Although it would be aimed mostly towards elementary students, it will fascinate students of all ages. 2. The Old Church Building
The old church building is the second most important element for people who reserve the buildings for events. This is a beautiful place to have weddings, events or gatherings. 3. The Old Houses
The next important element is the old houses, the elementary students can see how decorating has changed, from how it used to be to how their house is decorated now. And the elderly people can reminisce and relate to how their house used to be decorated. 4. The Trains Outside
The steam locomotive and wooden caboose are a cool attraction because they could be a very unique background for someone taking pictures. This is a good way to bring people in because it makes a wonderful background. 5. The Printing Press
This was very interesting because they can get a glimpse of how people used to have to type. This entices people to visit because we can understand and appreciate what we have now versus what they used to have to do. 6. The Movie Theatre
The movie theatre in the museum is a great way to get people to come out and visit the Heritage Center. If they had a movie night every once and awhile, they would have people coming out and visiting and then watch the show. 7. The Old Cars
Elementary students would love the old cars because they are so different than the cars that we have now. If there was a way that they would allow people to get in the cars, or at least look at them, that would attract a lot of boys and men. 8. How They Used to Make Clothes
Not only is it interesting to see how they used to make the clothes, it is awesome that they have interactive activities. It is interesting to see how they used to pick the cotton, twirl the cotton, and then thread to cotton to make the clothes on their backs.

How to Promote Those Elements 1. The Old Schoolroom- The best way to promote this would be to go to the Primary Target Market, so they should send out spokespeople to the schools to try to get the schools to participate in field trips to the Heritage Center. 2. The Old Church Building- They could promote this by going to different churches and asking them to have service in this old time church for free every once in awhile just to get the Heritage Center’s