Essay about Herm: Brad Pitt and extremely Realistic Way

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Alice Goldstein-Plesser
I chose this prompt because I felt like I could connect with the question more, and thought it was generally the best out of my papers.

As I sit in front of my computer monitor, I can hear my moms constantly bickering voices in the back of my head. I know I should be doing something productive such as homework or practicing my violin- but, I am lazy. I prefer to watch mindless T.V episodes of the Bachelor or playing the mind numbing games in the online Neopets world. The entertainment business has spread all over the human race like a parasite, chewing away at people’s lives and time. I agree with Neal Gabler when he wrote that entertainment has the ability to overrun society, and I wish there was a way to stop it.
Hollywood stars are some of the most influential people in the world. A huge amount of the population idolizes them, and dreams or becoming just like Hannah Montana or Brad Pitt. These people in the entertainment have a huge hold over culture. During Obama’s campaign for presidency, numerous amounts of celebrities came out to say that they supported Obama, and that everyone that supported them should too. They played a crucial role in influencing culture, and showing that they have the power to control or bend it to their will. This is extremely dangerous. Having something with that much control over society could end up disastrous.
Many movies and video games are extremely violent and gruesome. Although these games and movies may be rated PG-13 or T (TEEN), many children under the appropriate age level are allowed to watch them. These games provoke children’s minds from a young age to be extremely imaginative, but not in a resourceful or moral way. Games like Call Of Duty give kids the opportunity to shoot people and blow up cars, in an extremely realistic way. Video games are used to train war officers to fight in a battle, and nearly the same equipment is released to the public to…