Hermeneutic: Want and Church Essay

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Montgomery 1 Megan Montgomery Hermeneutics CPO 1281 Assignment #9 1. 13-2 You are a high school student struggling to make friends at a public school. You were raised in a Christian home, and have just transferred to a public school because your parents could no longer afford private school. You have never been put in a situation where you are alienated because of your faith. You see things all around you that you know are not right, but you do not want to say anything to be even more alienated from your peers. At times, you want to try to just blend in as much as possible, even if it means lowering your own moral standards. You keep praying for God to give you opportunities to find friends and to be able to live in a way that people see as different, but you are not seeing any opportunities.

2. 13-3 A businessman is going to work one morning. On the way there he is beaten up and mugged, left lying in an alley by the road. People continue to pass by him, some seeing him and then turning away, while others just keep their gaze fixed ahead, not caring to notice what goes on around them. A Christian elder in the church walks by and sees this man, but hurries on as he is late for a church business meeting. A lawyer walks by, but knowing all the liabilities and paperwork that will have to be done, also continues to walk by. But then a simple man, looking clean but noticeably from a lower income bracket passes the alley and hears the businessman’s moans. He stops what he is doing and immediately rushes to him. He calls an ambulance and goes to the hospital with this man. He takes the day off of work so he can be with the businessman when he wakes up. He covers an additional costs and talks to the doctors about his care. He tries to make contact with the man’s family to let them know

Montgomery 2 where he is. When the businessman’s family arrives, the man silently slips out not wanting to take any recognition for what he has done because he considered it simply the right thing to do.

3. Complete step 4 of the interpretive process (grasping the text in our own town) using your Ephesians text. Key Elements: 1. Christians 2. As Christians we should walk worthy of our calling 3. As Christians we should work to maintain peace among ourselves 4. Our hope is in Christ who is in control of all things Parallel Situation The church has been having many meetings about planning a missions’ conference. The church has been growing and they have been wanting to host one for several years. But in order to do things the way the…