Hero Emerges

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A Hero Emerges A Hero Emerges

Help! Help! …. as people in a burning building, cry out in horror……. a hero emerges from the thick smoke of the burning building. I think a hero is someone who doesn’t hesitate when someone cries out for help, they don’t think about the things that will affect his self if he helps this person. A hero always has 3 characteristics that describe them. I think that a hero is brave, strong, and the most important unselfish.

A hero is brave, because if there wasn’t any “brave” hero’s, no hero’s would be brave enough to go out to inspire others to do great things. I think that a great example of a brave “hero” in the real world is a firefighter, because they always go into a fire not knowing if they’re going to get hurt trying to save others or others houses/apartments. I think that firefighters are important because if there were no firefighters then who would put fire’s out or save people from burning buildings? I think that police officers is a great example of real world hero, because when they get a 9-1-1 call they know that there’s risks of responding to a 9-1-1 call and they take those risks to save others. I think that police officers are important because America wouldn’t have any laws to enforce if there were no laws.

I think that a strong hero is someone who faces their fears to save lives of other people. Like from Superman Returns (the movie) superman redirects a giant asteroid made of kryptonite (the thing that can kill superman) to save the people. This is important because if he gave up then trillions of people would die along with the earth. A navy seal because they have to have a lot of confidence because they have to overcome extreme heat and extreme cold to survive and if they not strong then they will die. I think that they are important because without navy seals how would they take down the biggest threats to the U.S.A? I think that astronauts are mentally strong because that they are trying to find planets with other life so that when the earth finally does end us humans can live somewhere else without imploding. I think that astronauts are mentally strong because they can’t have claustrophobia otherwise they will want to