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Qualities of Hero
Every human being has an innate nature to help others. Thus, each one of us has a capacity to become a hero. A hero is someone that acts bravely in a situation, despite being frightened themselves. Like what I saw on the internet, there was a guy that saved the old lady away from the fire. Even though it was too dangerous to save the old lady, but he chose to risked his life. A hero does not need to have any kind of super powers in order to save people, if they did something that will prevent the person to a serious outcome is a heroic act. Being a hero fulfills many quality that include courage and selfless. Most people are afraid to help others when they encounter a serious accidents, but a hero have the courage and bravery to overcome his/her fears and take any challenge life throws. On June 5, 2014, an engineering student Jon Meis was working as a building monitor at Seattle Pacific University, when he saw the gunman began firing at random, Jon took action by disarmed the shooter, which hold down the attacker until the police arrived. According to Philip Zimbardo, author of “What Makes a Hero?”, “…inner hero is capable of performing tremendous goodness for others” (2). Saving people’s lives is a big impact to people’s personality because people show bravery and overcome the fear. Helping others does not matter if it is convenient or dangerous to them as long as they face up and stand up considered a hero. For reason, confronting a physical abuse to stop threatening and to stop assaulting to his/her children is the hardest thing to do. There are some children who cannot speak to defend themselves against to his/her father, but his/her friend standing up ask for help and told everything what happen to his/her friend is a simple way of doing a heroic act. Even though some people think that they might get trouble for what they did because they afraid that it might do the same thing to them. But they puts the needs for the sake of their friends ahead of their own. They are willing to risk their lives in order to save other people’s lives. Clearly, a hero is someone who can understand the difference between right and wrong, and act accordingly. Courage and bravery is one of them because they analyze it first before they take an action. Apart from courage, selflessness will complete the qualities of a hero. A hero always puts others first and willing to risk his life. According to John Cassidy, author of “Why Edward Snowden Is a Hero,” published in The New Yorker, “…he uncovered questionable that those in power would rather have kept secret”. Snowden shows selflessness for what he did because he reveal everything what the NSA’s surveillance program did that will bring dangerous and unconstitutional activity. He protect the foreign citizens’ privacy to their security that will puts in danger that they are trying to protect. Even though Snowden became a whistle-blower to his country, he still willing to support or