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Derek Zhang
Ms. Hanus
10 April 2015
My Personal Hero

Christopher Reeve once said, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Notably, this quote has been considered to be the “heart” of heroism for many others including myself. For example, soldiers, firefighters, policemen, and many others are the ones we consider as heroes because they all made a difference in other’s lives, and always put others before themselves no matter what it would cost. In my own point of view, a hero should be someone with distinguished courage, determination, perseverance, intrepidity, and selflessness. As a result, I chose two individuals who I consider heroes but in different traits, they are Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes and my mother, Yan Ping Fu. My societal hero, Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes, is one of the CNN heroes who had created the organization Los Patojos, it offers free education to children in Jocotenango, Guatemala. In contrast, my mother Yan Ping Fu is my personal hero, she is an ordinary mother who takes responsibility to raise her child and to share love with the family. However she is also a woman who worked by herself in a foreign country to support her family, and had given the family the opportunity to go out of the home country and began our journey in Canada. Despite the fact Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes and my mother Yan Ping Fu are both inspirational individuals who made personal sacrifices which in exchange for a better life, contributed their time, strength, without anything in return, and made an impact to others around them; my mother Yan Ping Fu is the true hero in my heart.

To start with, I will introduce one societal hero of mine, Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes. Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes is one of the top ten CNN heroes of 2014, he is 30 years old, grew up in Jocotenango, Guatemala. His country Guatemala has the fifth-worst homicide rate and is plagued by poverty and violence. Under the harsh environment, he was lucky to have a supportive family and didn’t turn out to be many of his peers, who are succumbed to drugs, gangs, and crimes. With his family’s support, Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes became a teacher and found out that many of his students’ families were disintegrating, they have no hope and future. Therefore, in 2006 he developed an organization called Los Patojos, which translates to the Little Ones. This organization takes place in his parents’ house. Over the years, his educational program has provides children with free classes, tutoring, and meals, as well as low-cost medical care. Furthermore, if his program can pursue the children’s passions to improve their lives and to find ways to reduce the violence, his country can recover from itself. The reason he had created this organization is because he believe there is nothing wrong with his country, the problem came from the people inside, so he decided to start from the youth. “We are raising them to be the future leaders of Guatemala.” said Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes. Most importantly, his organization had impacted many teenagers who used to be involved in illegal activities to step out of the dark and become a part of the program. Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes is definitely generous by considerate for others, his organization has helped with more than 1,000 children. For these reasons, he absolutely fits my requirements of a hero.

My mother Yan Ping Fu is my personal hero, as well as the one I consider to be most heroic than anyone else. She is 39 years old, came from Shan Dong, China, and is currently employed in Maple Leaf. As long as I can remember, her love to me is definitely worth more than heroism. To illustrate, when I was young, I was born with a weak body, which always caused me illness. At that time, my mother and I lived in my grandparents’ house, which was far from the hospital. My father worked in a place that was far away from where we lived, and usually come back once a