Hero: Family and Nanny Essay

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My Hero
We all look up to someone that we can trust and respect, a person that has integrity and dignity. We all have a hero who is always there for us, stands by our side and protects us. My hero is my nanny, also known as my Aunt Diane.
Years ago when I was struggling with emotional and mental issues and faith in God my Nanny was there for me. She listened to what I had been through, guided me to the right path and helped me gain my confidence in myself and be a stronger person. My Nanny has had many opportunities to tell others about my past and to this day she has never said one word. Never has she once brought things up on her own but is asked by me to talk about them. That is one of the many reasons why she is the most trustful person I know.
A few years ago my cousin Zack became atheist and it was hard for some of our family members. They were mad and upset with him. However, my Nanny has not once changed her love for him, having faith in him when others don’t. When he goes to visit my Nanny she is always willing to listen to what he has to say, what he believes in and how he feels about things. She also tells him how she feels about it all and yes, she gets him to understand what she believes in and agree with her. There have been multiple of times where she has disagreed with him and has always stood up for what she believes in. She’s tried to get him to believe again and so far I feel as if she is doing a really good job. This is how she is a very dignified woman; she has strong morals by teaching and reaching out to those in need.
This past year my Uncle Carl, her husband, was told that he had a peripheral aneurysm in the main artery of his leg. This made them both nervous about what could happen to him. My Nanny has been very strong for my Uncle. There has been many times where she wants to cry but she doesn’t. She prays to God asking for help, knowing that whatever happens will happen for a reason.
My nanny has achieved many things in life. She has been a great sister of eight, raised two hard headed daughters while her husband was out at