Hero: Hero and Brother Jacob Ryker Essay

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What a true hero is all about
Everyone has a different opinion on what a hero is, but the real question is how do you become a hero. In my opinion a person who becomes a hero is someone that believes in themselves, helps others, learns from their mistakes and appreciates life. Sometimes that just makes me wonder if there really is such a thing called a “hero.”
One of the articles we read in class was Flight 93; it’s about some passengers that overtook the highjackers that intended to use the plane as a bomb. Most of the passengers decided to take matters into their own hands. They chose to look danger in the eye and do something about their situation (72). Just before Beamer faced one of the biggest decisions he has to make he said, “God help me. Jesus help me. Are you ready? Let’s roll” (Van Berbeken 73). A guy by the name of Tom Burnett made a phone call to his wife and said “They’ve already knifed a guy. Please call the authorities” (71). If I had a choice to help out in this situation I would do it in a heartbeat. All the people who helped out and stood up to the highjackers became heroes whether or not they survived, to bad most of them didn’t.
Every day while you look down the halls in school you see someone getting picked on or walking by themselves. No one really every says anything to them because they are just fine, but the truth is they aren’t. In Springfield, Oregon there was a school shooting by one of the students that went to the school. Josh Ryker one of the students that helped saved a lot of people he was only 14 years old when it happened he says “I don’t feel like a hero. It hasn’t hit me that I saved a lot of people” (Dowling 66). Honestly if he didn’t help anyone during this situation a lot more people would have died, being only 14 and having to deal with. His decision was pretty bright and being known for something can be one of the best things in the world. His older brother Jacob Ryker,