Essay about Hero: Polio Vaccine and Warrior Showing Audacity

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Every one has a quest, whether it’s immoral, profound, or solicitous. A hero’s expedition could be a warrior showing audacity for glory, a father keeping his son oblivious to the danger upon them, or a hero for victims of polio, finding a vaccine for the world. Beowulf, stoic warrior, seeks to get rid of all the nefarious monsters for Denmark. He navigates from Geatland to Denmark to aid them in a time of need. He slays the creature Grendel and his mother. He does it not for gold, but for glory, “ I shall shape glory with Hrunting, or death Will hurry me from this earth!” [Pg. 50, 465] He shows outrageous fearlessness when facing the vile creatures. Will not be using his sword in battle but declares, “ hands Alone shall fight for me, struggle for life Against the monster.” [Pg. 45, 267] Beowulf wants to service the Danes, while others want to serve their family. Guido, loving father and husband, devotes his life to keeping his son,Joshua, alive and blind of the threat around them. They are Jewish, at this time the Holocaust was happening and they were in a concentration camp. But Joshua believes he is in a competition. Where competitors win points if they do not ask for snacks,their mommy’s, and lollipops. The fist person to get a thousand points gets the prize, a real life tank. Like Guido, someone else is trying to save lives. Jonas Salk, American physician and researcher, spends years working on a vaccine to prevent polio for people that are at risk