Heroes: Great Leaders Essay

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“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” –Brodi Ashton. Ronald Reagan and Odysseus shared many of the same concepts that a person should acquire when assuming the role of a leader. The two men used their increased mental flexibility and ceaseless dedication to better the people established around them. Not only that they filtered their unhalted perseverance to accomplish what they was sent forth to do. Each of these men both contained a vast amount of mental strength to discern certain choices as a good leader would. Although, Odysseus’ downfall was his hubris, it made him make hot-headed decisions that cost him more them they helped. On the other hand, Reagan was a very humble man and understood that without God he couldn’t do anything. When it mattered most though they used their knowledge to create answers in critical situations. You got to have great dedication to be a good leader. Reagan was dedicated to his country in making sure that America was protected and continually progressing. Odysseus was also dedicated in the way he tried to get his men home even though through all the trials and toils he ended up to return back to his home with none of the crew members. Throughout their duties of being leaders they received several injuries, but still chose to work through them for their dedication to their peoples.
Reagan and Odysseus both persevered through many obstacles to be who they were. No matter what happened both leaders did what they could do to be the best they could be. Reagan was shot many times yet he still returned back to his post and continued his duty as president of the United States of America. Odysseus was placed in the face of death several…