Heroes: Washington Irving and Social Contract Theory Essays

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When did American Literature begin? -with the Native Americans
Three dominant characteristics/themes of Native American Literature? 1. Relationship with the land 2. Belief in the Great Manito 3. Use of natural images
How did Columbus describe the New World? -astonishing, colorful, marvelous speed of the canoes, a paradise
-Bay Psalm Book: first book published in America -manito: spiritual forces -Walum Olum: painted record -allusion: reference to something -concrete language: short, forceful, cleaner -conceit: controlling image -analogy: comparison -simile: direct comparison using like or as -metaphor: saying it is something its not -antonyms: two opposite words -irony: opposite of what's supposed to happen -sarcasm: low form of irony-Great Awakening: fervent revival of religious dedication -pictographs: word pictures
Compare and contrast the literature of Puritans and the southern colonies. -Puritans: simple, religious, practical, examining of spiritual selves, communicated ideas clearly, explained Biblical interpretation -Southerners: flashy, flowery, ornate, complicated, decorative
What is the purpose of ‘A Description of New England?' How does the author go about meeting this purpose? -to get people to move to New England; exaggerates the good, doesn't mention the bad
What does TULIP stand for? Explain each point. -Total Depravity/inability -Unconditional election/selection -Limited Atonement -Irresistible grace -Perseverance/preservation for the saints
Identify the conceit of ‘In Reference to Her Children' and ‘Huswifery' - chickens; birds, and spinning wheel
Why was ‘Huswifery' not published for 210 years? -author told his family it was too flashy, he didn't want it published
How does William Byrd's background reveal itself in ‘A progress to the Mines?' -well-educated, used french
Who was he writing to? -the upper class, the well educated
Who does William Byrd visit? Summarize the events
Give examples of imagery in Jonathan Edwards' ‘Sinners.'
What was the purpose of ‘Sinners?' How does he go about meeting his end? -get people to convert/come to Christ, scare people about Hell so much they figure there's no other way than to go to Heaven
What was the ‘shot heard round the world?' -first shot of the Rev. War at Concord Lexington
Stamp Act: colonists had to buy stamps for newspapers, licenses, pamphlets, other documents Quartering Act: colonists made to house British soldiers in homes Townshend Acts: tea, glass, lead, paper taxed ‘Common Sense'–when published: Jan. 1776, Thomas Paine epitaph: writing on the grave allusion: referring to past known circumstance oratory: study of speech parallelism: repetition loaded word: tone: emotion on paper
What effect did Noah Webster have on spelling and American Literature? -made it independent of England and other outer influence, made a truly
American speech
What are 2 elements of an American book? How are they particularly American? -natural wilderness (setting) revolution (great human experience)
Study the aphorisms from Poor Richard's Almanack. What does each mean?
How does Henry use allusions in his speech? What effect does it have? -Biblical(meaningful), flattering for them to be compared to the Isralites.
Define and identify the value of each: Repetition: saying some things over and over; memorable, force Rhetorical question: assumes audience knows answer; confidence , show sarcasm, connect with audience Improvisation: speech with no previous thought; forceful
Explain the connection between the location and the roles each tribe and the image of a long house. -

Connection between the Social Contract Theory and the Declaration of