Heroin and Kiedis Otherside Lyrics Essay

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NCEA Level 1 Personal Response
Anthony Kiedis
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The lyrics ‘Other side’ are about the battle an ex-junkie faces getting past an addiction. About getting to the other side and leaving the addiction behind.
The lyrics are about he author’s Heroin addiction and how he has to get to the other side and leave the Heroin in the past, “I got to take it on the other side”. This made me feel sad about the author’s past but hopeful for the future. It relates to everyone’s lives because everyone has stuff that they need to leave behind and move on. When I was in year 7 I had a lot going on at home and at school, my sister attempted suicide which was really horrible for her but it made the year quite hard for me too. At the end of the year I decided to ‘take it on the other side’. By changing schools to have a fresh start; another side. It wasn’t the same as a drug addiction but it was hard all the same. The lyrics are about new starts; new sides of life. “Take it on the other side” is good advice that applies to everyone’s lives and is relatable on different scales whether it be a drug addiction or something small scale that needs to be accepted and moved on from. Taking your self to another side from what upset you. Everyone needs to move on from the negative things that happen and we would all be a lot happier.
The world would be a lot happier if everyone would follow the songs advice and ‘take it on the other side’. Turn over a new leaf; have a fresh start. There are deep rooted conflicts all over the world, so people need to move on from their issues. Of course people need to take time to accept and deal with their problems but it’s very