Essay Heroism: Hero and People

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Why is heroism important? Heroism in ancient times was really about being good. People that helped others and didn’t only think of themselves. The Celts and Anglo-Saxon’s had the real heroes that were brazen and the bold, they did things that will be remembered for centuries because they were life changing events. Now in the modern world people, kids, everyone thinks that these celebrities’ rich people... people that really don’t do a thing to deserve to be called a hero. Citizens in ancient times would call someone a hero because they encountered an event that would change the way people looked at something or even changed the world. Why can’t we think of heroes like that? Kids nowadays look at rich people who play baseball, drive a NASCAR, or have a TV show etc. and think those are people called heroes. Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Dr. Phil, they are all great people & some people might think of them as heroes but they haven’t done anything great or courageous. These people may be successful but they have done nothing that has impacted the world.
Maybe not to society but my hero is my mother. Her name is Tammy Felicia. she is my hero because she is a hardworking, strong, and independent person that I look up to because my mom raised me and my twin sister and my brother that is one year older than me all by herself. She would work hard every single day to make us happy without an ounce of help from my so-called dad or the government. She is the sweetest