Heroism: Hero and Robert Cormier Essay

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How does Robert Cormier show the importance of heroism in the novel?

Robert Cormier shows the importance in the novel by showing how each of the characters are and aren’t heroes in their own way.

Firstly he shows Francis isn’t a hero, by putting him in the position where he could have saved Nicole from being raped, but he only realised after the rape, what had happened to her, this shows that he wasn’t so heroic towards Nicole, also it shows that he isn’t a hero when he goes to war, because Francis’ reason for wanting to enlist is so that he could commit suicide and not ruin his families image and his own, so that he looked like he was being heroic when actually he isn’t, this is important because it shows he isn’t a hero but he could have been if he went to war to fight for his country and not to commit suicide, and if he stood by Nicole and knew there was something wrong and save her.

Secondly he shows Larry LaSalle is a hero, by showing how he is in the French-Town village with the kids, because he runs a youth club for the kids in the village and inspires them all and becomes their hero, because he is talented and good-looking, he also shows he is a hero, when he goes into war and earns the silver star medal, but because he raped Nicole this destroyed his mental image and the war destroyed his physical image.

Nicole Renard is shown as a hero for getting over want happened with Larry LaSalle and trying to carry on with her life, this is a different