Heroism In 'Fuenteovejuna And 1001 Nights'

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In both literary text heroism is demonstrated in “Fuenteovejuna”, and “1001 Nights”. In the texts the characters risk their lives for a greater purpose, so the ones they care about may survive. In the Persian Fiction “1001 Nights” the character Shahrazad risks her life by marrying the revengeful king. Although, Shahrazad knew the king was killing women, after he wed and bed them, she willingly put her life in danger to help a generation of women. Shahrazad heroism saves families from sorrow and probably even capture a tenderness in the king’s heart. Consciously, I’m positive that Shahrazad did take in consideration of the pros and cons of trying to outmaneuver the king, but Shahrazad heroic demeanor saves her life, as well as others. In