Heroism: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Person Essay

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English 10 Honors

I think heroes should be defined as people who step up and speak what they think when others don’t. I believe this because when someone does this they are standing up for not only themselves but for others as well and that is what a hero does. Another reason speaking up is heroic is if that one person doesn’t speak up then nobody will. Finally if nobody speaks up for what they believe in they will be taken advantaged of. My first example is, if there is a abusive boss in a workplace who takes advantage of their employees. In this situation many of the employees may be scared or afraid to speak up to their boss. But if there is one brave employee who is not afraid to speak up to the boss and tell them what they think this person is a hero. This one employee is sticking up to the boss and speaking the minds of the people in the workplace making them a hero. If this hero never spoke up it’s possible nobody else ever would have. My second example of why somebody who speaks up is a hero is that if that person does not speak up then nobody else ever will. Without this one brave act the problem would have never been solved. This one person was a hero in a time of need and stepped up to the challenge. People like this are very important and are needed in the world. Without anybody to step up and speak for the people there would be chaos. We need heroes like these in the everyday average world to stand-up for themselves. Without that one brave person the problem may have never been stopped.
My third and final example is when that one person speaks up it stops the problem that is