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Herons is a play about a boy called Billy and it is about his lifestyle and how he lives in east London and he gets bullied by the young teenagers around the estate and his dad is under deep threat because of what he saw, said and did about and incident which lead to the offender Bergsie’s brother Ross going to prison and Ross wanting to cut up Billy’s dad for grassing on him. Billy likes to go to the nearby stream to fish because he finds it relaxing and it gives him a chance to escape from the estate and be alone. However Billy is always to be followed by bullies and receiving questions. One day Billy has had enough and put himself on top of the bullies and flips the situations and stand up for himself and causes chaos. Herons contained lower class and working class people who are in poverty
Section two:
My interpretation of the scene was that it was a alright scene but I thought that this scene would make me push myself to a high standard to make my groups play stand out to the other groups in my class who were also performing as well. What I wanted to communicate with the audience about my character is that how my character who was Scott which was the main bully in herons was like and how treated Billy like he was nothing and tried to show how Billy’s lifestyle was like. This scene was important because it showed the audience the characters lifestyle and how they were surrender by crime and poverty. It also showed relationships between the characters and the relationship between the characters and the environment e.g. Billy likes fishing because he enjoys the atmosphere and likes nature and also between characters like how Darren looked up to Scott as a role model.
My group used Stanislavski’s units and objectives to help us get into role better because it gave us a good idea of what to do and how to present our self’s in terms of emotion physicality, response etc. it also helped us learn about our character more, we did a ginger bread man of our character so we knew the key thing about our character which helped us achieve a higher standard of performance. It also helped us stage our performance by how to set the space to create more chance in improving physicality and to show the level of status e.g. Billy sitting humped fishing and Billy stood with a straight back swinging out of a beer bottle. This was also used to show the audience the set of where they were in the scene and the environment.
My group used the space well to show proxemics in our performance. We felt that proxemics was a key technique and wanted to use it to our ability to make our performance more effective and clear to the audience so that the play would become more realistic and enjoyable. The effect of proxemics in our performance was used well because it helped create tension and was easy to show the relationship between characters by using the space well to show how the relationships between characters were e.g. if two character were far away from each other than it shows the audience that maybe the two character do not know each other or they do not like each other or maybe they have had an argument. The effect my group created by using a trust stage is making the audience feel that the play is more realistic and thinking that they are there and in the play. It also helped the audience see the characters from different angle. I used voice and physicality well in my play which I felt helped the audience understand my character and make it more clearly for them so they had a better view of who I was. I also used voice and