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Heroes are all over the world whether they are in marvel comic books, in history or in your personal life. You can be hero without knowing it. Just making someone smile can brighten up their day. Heroes are there to make a stand and spread word to make people understand the thing they are striving for. They’re there to save lives and support others but most of all to make people smile.
Heroes are a big part of everyone’s childhood whether you had action figures or you read them in comics. A lot of superheroes went through tough times to become the super hero they now are. For example Batman is the secret identity of the famous billionaire, Bruce Wayne. At a young age Bruce tragically witnessed his parents’ death and he then swore revenge on all criminals. He then personally trained himself to fight. He got chased down by the police because there had been rumours spreading of Batman being a bad guy and planning to destroy the whole city. Batman is now a hero that stops at nothing to make the world a happier place. He went the toughest of times and is still standing tall. Just in saying that though you don’t have to go through bad things to become a hero. You can witness something bad and decide to change it. Heroes aren’t always there to save people’s lives. They can be there to support others or a right they are fighting for.
Being a hero isn’t all about the powers and the inhumane abilities. Heroes are all over the world, fighting for rights and supporting others. You may walking down the street and walk past a hero and you wouldn’t even know. Bethany Hamilton is a perfect example of this. She was a normal teenage girl who had a dream and aspired towards that one dream. Bethany is a hero because she had a dream of becoming a professional surfer. She had rare talent when it came to surfing. Bethany had an amazing life until the day she went surfing with her best friend Alana and Alana’s dad. She was paddling out towards the breaking waves when a 15 foot tiger shark bit a chunk out of her board following with her left arm. As this was happening Bethany’s father was about to have surgery. Thankful that Alana’s dad was out with the young girls she was rushed to hospital and because she needed surgery right away, she replaced her dad in line to be operated on. At this moment Bethany knew she would never be able to surf again. She was devastated but