Herpes: Typeface and Click Character Spacing Essay example

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STDS are passed through intimate skin-to-skin contact (ex: herpes, HPV, and pubic lice) and the herpes virus can also be passed from mouth to mouth.

Herpes is an infection caused by a virus. Genital Herpes infection often causes blisters or sores on genitals. Who has it? ... WHAT IS IT?

how to customize this brochure
You’ll probably want to customize all your templates when you discover how editing and saving your templates makes creating future documents easier. To customize this brochure template:
1. Insert your company information in place of the sample text.
2. Click Save As on the File menu. Click Document Template in the Save as Type box (the file name extension should change from .doc to .dot).
3. Next time you want to use it, click New on the File menu, and then double-click your template. about the “picture” Fonts
The “picture” fonts in this brochure are Wingdings typeface symbols. To insert a new symbol, select the symbol character and click Symbol on the Insert menu. Select a new symbol from the map, click Insert, and then click Close. workING with breaks
Breaks in a Microsoft Word document appear as labeled dotted lines on the screen. Using the Break command, you can insert manual page breaks, column breaks, and section breaks.
To insert a break, click Break on the Insert menu. Select an option. Click OK to accept your choice.
WorkING with Spacing
To reduce the spacing between, for example, body text paragraphs, click in this paragraph, and click Paragraph on the Format menu. Reduce Spacing After to 6 points, and make additional adjustments as needed.
To save your style changes (with the insertion point in the changed paragraph), click the style in the Style list on the