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Mrs. Buchmann
English 12

Persuasive Essay

This past off-season, the NCAA and NFL implanted a new penalty into football. This penalty,

called “targeting” was for a great cause. Not only I, but everyone thought it was a great, new, and safe

penalty. The penalty has been called lots of times this season, and in most fans opinions is was called

wrong. “Targeting” is when a player on defense leads with their head, and makes helmet to helmet

contact to a defenseless player on offense. The player gets ejected for it as well. I believe this is a good

penalty, but it has been called way too much this season.

Targeting this season has gotten way out of hand. This penalty is meant to help prevent unnecessary and vicious hits from defensive players, and help concussions but as of now it is hurting the game more than it is helping. Yes, it is a good penalty, but almost every time it has been called the player has not lead with their helmet. There is examples like Vinny Sunseri's hit against Texas A&M, or Stephon Tuitt's against Pittburgh, etc. Sunseri was called for it and ejected. You cannot review whether it was a penalty or not but they can bring the player back if they think it was not a sufficient targeting. They ended up bringing Sunseri back in the game. The fact that the referees brought him back in the game makes you think they know it was a bad call. I am passionate at getting this penalty problem resolved. I've seen too many people get ejected for leading with their shoulders. As of most people, I totally agree with trying to prevent concussions and such head/neck injuries, but they need to call these right. Sometimes these even hurt the team. If a player is called for it, then he gets ejected. If they don't bring him back in, that could affect the team he was on. If he was a star player then it could affect the team even more and possibly cost them a game. I feel like they need to keep this penalty, but be one hundred percent sure that it was targeting before they actually call it. Another thing that this affects is leg injuries. Several players like The Redskins Brandon Meriweather, and the Bears Brandon Marshall