Hester Prynne In 'The Scarlet Letter'

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Emily Liddick
Mrs. Campbell
English Honors 2
1 September 2016
The Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne, thought to be known of as a female criminal, is the protagonist in The Scarlet Letter. She was a beautiful woman with the letter “A” on her breast, which had gold flourishes outlining it. Throughout the novel, Hester faces many problems but overcomes them all by remaining strong. From these struggles, she learns that she has to stay true to herself, which in the end helps her grow into the mature young woman that God has created her to be. By understanding the high level of humiliation that Hester has been forced to face, the reader can then easily empathize and understand how she overcame such obstacles. Therefore, giving the reader a sense of
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It says, “God gave her into my keeping…I will not give her up!” (Hawthorne 112). This sentence shows how Hester solves her problem by fighting back for what she knows is right. Even though the governor wants to take Pearl away from her, she will do anything to keep her. In addition, it says, “She is my happiness…Peal keeps me here in life!” (Hawthorne 112). This sentence explains that Hester resolves her problem by speaking words full of pride. She wants the townspeople to know that she is proud to have Pearl and that she is not ashamed of committing this sin. Although Hester faces acts of humiliation, she sticks to her faith that helps her mature and grow into a strong young …show more content…
Through these obstacles, the reader can empathize what difficult path she is on at the time which helps the reader get involved into the reading. Hester faces the idea that she has committed adultery but resolves her problem by fighting back for what she believed. This helps her grow and mature as a character, because it teaches her that she needs to do what’s right even though what’s being done to her is wrong. Therefore, she sews clothing for the poor and other people to prove to the townspeople that she’s going to stand strong and proud of how far she has come. The reader can empathize with Hester by understanding what humiliation she is facing which helps draw the reader into the plot and setting of the novel. The outcome, is that the reader gets a sense of encouragement from Hester Prynne’s actions and personality to never give up no matter what they are facing in