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I love apples know what im doing. Both Nike and Adidas are well known sportswear firms that have become household names of sorts throughout many parts of the world. The undisputed giants of the sportswear and sports equipment industries, consumers can generally expect quality products from the two brands. Nevertheless, there are instances wherein one may be the better option over the other, and the factors that go into making such a decision do not always have anything to do with the quality of the products. Let's take a look at some of the factors that may influence your purchase decision in the future.Nike has always come in ahead of Adidas in terms of celebrity sponsorships, although to its credit, Adidas has taken considerable steps to narrow the gap. Nike still has the edge over its competition in terms of sales however, and it remains to be seen whether Adidas will catch up any time soon.

In terms of market focus, Nike has a more varied line-up, comprised of basketball and running shoes, as well as cross-training products. Among the different brands under the Nike umbrella are Umbro, Converse and Cole Haan.

Adidas for its part currently offers products that are geared primarily towards the soccer, tennis and general athletics markets. Among the companies in Adidas' roster are Reebok, Taylor Made and Rockport.

Market Strategies

Nike remains firmly focused on the domestic market, although it has made inroads into the lucrative international soccer market fairly recently. The company is also considered largely responsible for the frenzy of athlete sponsorship that the industry is known for today. All of this ties in with Nike's dominance of the advertising and marketing aspects of