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What Are We Really Learning in School? I think we all know education is a must in order to do something in life, but is the educations were receiving really important? In high school they don’t teach you how to pay your taxes or how to pay a mortgage. Today I feel like school is more about passing rather than learning. As long as you get a grade for what’s on your paper, whether we understood it or not, kids don’t really care. In the article Schools are good for Showing Off and Not Learning, Peter Gray states “We don’t really bother to think about what are children are actually learning in school, we only care about grades” and for me I believe that, that statement is very true. Also since passing became so important kids have picked up some bad habits, such as cheating. Passing puts a lot of stress on us kids. There’s some subjects that some of us will just never be good at and that we will personally never use again in our career. Because of this kids are failing, and failure leads them to believe in their own stupidity. Some kids drop out, and if they don’t physically drop out of school they mentally checkout, and I can tell you, I’ve already been there. Albert Einstein once said “Everybody’s a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.” I just think we need more classes that prepare us for adulthood. I don’t find knowing the area of a hexagon or the base of a triangle very important,