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According to the "Introduction," what categories were reported to be statistically significant?


The introductory paragraph of the article shows that the three groups in income, working status of the adults, education, health status of the adult and child, and in the utilization of health care are statistically significant.

In Table 1, is the No. in household reported as statistically significant among the three groups (uninsured, Medicaid, and privately insured)? Provide a rationale for your answer.


The results in table 1 suggest that No. of households with a magnitude of 3.79 is statistically insignificant; the reason behind this is that there is no sign mentioned on the magnitude. This means that the significant value for this magnitude would be greater than the level of significance mentioned in the article.

Should the null hypothesis for Marital Status (%) be rejected? Provide a rationale for your answer.


The result in table 1 suggests that the null hypothesis for the Martial status should be rejected, as the magnitude of X2 i.e. 3.79 is insignificant. Non significant results indicate that the null hypotheses are supported or accepted as an accurate reflection of the results of the study.

How many null hypotheses were rejected in the Salsberry (2003) study? Provide a rationale for your answer.


Six of the overall null hypotheses were rejected since six X2 values were significant, as indicated in Table…