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1. In 2058 I will be at the age of 64. I will be living in the stage of late adulthood and so will my husband. My husband and I have been living on our own for several years now with our children being old enough to leave the home and start their own families. We have recently become grand parents and are finally adjusting to the retirement life. While adjusting to the retired life we have had to deal with concerns over our income and whether or not we will be able to support ourselves and support are family if something was to ever go wrong. Our retirement is not our only money issue, we have concerns over the future and debt we may leave behind to our loved ones when the time comes for us to pass. Leaving our possible debt and money troubles to our loved ones is not an option so looking into life insurance and other policies are on our top priority list. With aging their may come some health problems. Being in late adulthood means that my husband and I are no longer able to keep up with our grand children like we would of been able to do ten or twenty years ago. Staying in the best physical and mentally healthy state possible is important so that we can spend as much time with our grand children and our children while we can. A concern that my husband and I both have would be the thought of one day waking up a realizing that either one of us or both of us are no longer able to take care of ourselves and each other and must take into consideration the option of moving into a senior living home. Making this decision has many pro and cons. With moving into a senior living home there comes the diminished privacy that would be