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Definition of Heart Failure Nursing
Heart failure nursing is the provision of holistic care to the specific individual with Stage A through D Heart failure due to any etiology. Heart failure nursing care can take place in any inpatient or outpatient setting and address the acute or chronic needs of patients and their support systems/ Prevention can be viewed in relation to individuals, high risk families, the community and population.
Who is a Heart Failure Nurse
Since heart failure (HF) is the final common pathway for all cardiovascular diseases, HF nurses can in essence be found anywhere patients with cardiovascular diseases receive treatment, including hospitals, clinics, research, home health, and extended care facilities.
The settings are important to recognize, since patients with cardiovascular diseases are at high risk for developing HF. Nurses play key roles in managing patient’s risk factors for Heart Failure and with improving patient’s quality of care. Heart Failure nurses are everywhere.
What Do Nurses in Heart Failure Programs Do
Heart Failure nurses and nurse researchers serve as the front line providers who are responsible for monitoring patients, managing their symptoms providing education and counseling, developing new approaches to decreasing hospital readmissions, morbidities, and improving the quality of life for individuals with Heart Failure. Each nurses’ scope of practice is dependent upon their educational level, role, and state of practice, but they typically educate patients on the etiology of HF, medications used to manage and treat its symptoms, and lifestyle modifications, such as sodium dietary restrictions or physical activity. In some settings, registered nurses may also titrate medications, triage patient calls, or coordinate subspecialty referrals.
Mission Statement
Leading nurses in heart failure care.
Vision Statement
To be the foremost nursing association across the heart failure continuum.
The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses
The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) is a specialty organization dedicated to advancing nursing education, clinical practice and research to improve heart failure patient outcomes. The organization's goal is to set the standards for heart failure nursing care.
Profile of the Association
AAHFN unites the full spectrum of nurses and other health professionals interested in heart failure. The Association serves as the interface for sharing ideas, translating research findings into practice, and setting priorities for the future. It welcomes and values all professionals involved in heart failure care. We focus on patients across all environments of care from the hospital, to the clinic, to home.
Mission Statement
Leading nurses in heart failure care.
Vision Statement
To be the foremost nursing association across the heart failure