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There are a lot of community colleges in the United States. Michigan is one of the states that has some good college. Henry Ford Community College is one of them and the best in the Michigan. HFCC has a lot of reasons that any student would choice it to start his education after high school such as good reputation, beautiful campus, a lot of opportunities, and nice social activities. However; I decided to be here and one of the students of Henry Ford Community College because of three reasons.
One of the reasons is my friends, when I came back to the United States after long period of time being abroad, I was so confused about my choices and my future education, so I met my friends and noticed that all of them are going to HFCC. That’s gave me wondering about why are they studying at HFCC?! For sure everyone has his own reason to be here, however their majority reasons is as said before good reputation, opportunities, … etc., so all my friends encouraged me and recommended this college to start or continue your education.
Although of these recommended and encouragement, I didn’t apply for it until I did some searches about the college, and found out that this college is the right place for me to go especially, if you are planning onto medical field, because it has an amazing professors who over-prepare you for universities level classes and real world, also it offers more career opportunities,
Second reason is the perfect location. I live in Dearborn, and this is city is very quiet and peaceful and HFCC located in Dearborn and near to my living place. Therefore, I could get a job around and near the college and met a lot of people that they are form the same culture at the college that