HHS Career Goals Essay

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Carmen Cerna
Kathy Hinoki
HHS 101
November 9, 2014
My Dream Job
My dream job has to do with being a nurse and being able to work with babies. In about ten years, I picture myself as a Registered Nurse with a beautiful family and a hard-working husband. I picture myself getting up in the morning ready to start a new day with the job that fulfills me as a person. I want to be in love with what I do. I would love to work from eight in the morning to seven at night to be able to come home to my kids and spend time with them. I want to work at Kaiser Permanente Hospital as a Midwifery nurse. I want to be in a happy and exciting environment where I can feel like I’m at home. My dream to work with people wouldn’t be complete without a team of helping coworkers. I believe in teamwork and equal-distributed tasks that can build a happy wok environment. I want to make sure that work is getting done the proper way, providing the best type of service to patients among us. I want to be able to work with people and make them happy by helping them in anything.
As a midwife nurse, I can bring the joy of life to expecting families. I want to be the one who checks the baby, cleans it and deliver good or bad news to parents. Babies bring joy to my life and working with them everyday would be a dream come true. I want to be responsible to take care of both the mother and the child, deal with the mother while she is pregnant and when she is about to deliver the child, actually deliver the child or helping deliver, provide care to women or child and educating people about pregnancy. I want to be hands-on with both the baby and the mom and try to help them as much s possible. The