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Hi everyone,
Welcome to GEOG 340 Asia class!
This TITANium course site will support our class. It provides an online alternative to a standard classroom learning environment. Please do not assume that this is an easier or otherwise abbreviated course. On the contrary, we will cover roughly the same material that we would in the regular offering. The major difference is that the assignment and project will be submitted online, and that discussions will be conducted online via threaded discussion forum.
You can find the course syllabus below. Please go over it carefully. Please let me know ASAP if you have any questions. Starting Aug. 25, 2014, you'll find course materials such as chapter review sheets on TITANium. New course materials will be posted no later than Monday noon of each week. However, you can log in TITANium at any time of the week, whenever convenient for you.
There are two online exams -- the midterm and the final (see course syllabus for details). If the scheduled dates/times are not good for you or you prefer in-classroom tests, please let me know in advance and I’ll make additional arrangement for you. Please note that you have opportunities to receive extra credit by answering bonus questions in the midterm and final exams.
You are highly encouraged to ask questions, answer questions of your classmates, share your thoughts, and discuss relevant issues and/or course materials on discussion forums. Please note "Online Participation and Discussion" is worth 8% of your class grade. To achieve a great score in Online Participation and Discussion, you need to have at least eight (8) meaningful postings during this semester (e.g. ask questions, answer discussion questions posted by