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APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY (AFCOE) 2012-2013 Fordham University - Institute of American Language and Culture
INSTRUCTIONS: Submit this Application for Certificate of Eligibility (AFCOE) to the Institute of Language and Culture if you need Fordham sponsorship for F-1 student visa status. After receiving this AFCOE form and all required supporting documents (see Checklist, below) the Office of International Services (OIS) will review your application. If approved, the OIS will issue an I-20 visa certificate for F-1 status. Please keep in mind that F-1 status requires you to pursue, and have sufficient financial resources for, a full-time program of study.

All of the following must be received before your I-20 can be issued: ___ Certified financial documentation (see section III-A) ___ Complete address in your country of permanent legal residence ___ Copy of identity and expiration page of your passport (& dependents) ___ I-20 Delivery Option (see section II)

TRANSFER APPLICANTS: • All students who are transferring sponsorship from another school must submit a completed Transfer Form. • Were you maintaining F-1 or J-1 status during the previous term?: ____________. (ie. Admitted for Fall, previous term = Spring) • Are you presently in the United States?: ____________. • Do you intend on leaving the U.S. before beginning your studies at Fordham?: ____________. If so, when? _________________. ___F-1 Transfer Form (go to www.fordham.edu/esl to download a copy). ___Copies of previous immigration documents (current I-20 / DS-2019, I-94 card, and EAD (OPT card). CHANGE OF STATUS APPLICANTS: • If you are already in the United States: please indicate your current non-immigration status (F-1, J-1, G-4, H-1, etc.): ____________. • If you are presently in the United States, do you wish to leave the US before you begin studies at Fordham? ____________. If you are already in F-1 or J-1 status, you must also submit a copy of your current I-20 / DS-2019, I-94 card, and OPT card (if applicable).

FIDN (Dept. Use Only)

Institute of American Language & Culture School at Fordham

Name (as on your passport):

Last/Family Name First/Given Name Middle Name(s)

E-mail: ______________________ Mailing Address (for I-20):

Tel: ________________________________

House / Building Number Street Apt. / Suite Number

City State / Province Country Postal Code

Permanent Address
(In home country, if different than above)

House / Building Number Street Apt. / Suite Number

City State / Province Country Postal Code

City and Country of Birth


Country of Citizenship _________________________ Date of Birth (mo / day / yr ): _____________________ Gender:  Male  Female
Date of Birth (mo / day / year)

Country of Permanent Legal Residence _______________________

Occupation in Home Country (ie. Student) ______________________________
Passport Name Relationship Citizenship

DEPENDENTS. Please list below any dependents who will accompany you to the U.S. in F-2 or J-2 status. Attach a separate sheet if necessary.
Place of Birth (City and Country) Country of Legal Residence

Date _____ In Banner _____ AFCOE received _____ Financial Docs received _____ Passport _____ Yes, Conditional Admit fsaAtlas/SEVIS _____ Ready to Upload _____ Uploaded _____ Download I-20 Ready _____ Mail