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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

June 15
Dear Diary, Tomorrow I am taking a small plane to Canada where my dad lives. I am sad to be leaving my mom but I am looking forward to spending some time with my dad. The reason my parents live so far apart is because of the secret. The secret is that one day I saw my mom with another man and I did not tell my dad. A little bit later my parents broke up and decided to get divorced. It is hard to keep this secret from my dad because I don’t want him to have his feelings hurt. I wish my parents would stay married. My mom lives in New York and my dad lives in Canada. The judge says my dad has visitation rights and I can see my dad in the summers. I will be spending the school year with my mom in New York. My mom gave me a hatchet to wear on my belt and use in the woods this summer. She said I looked like a scout. I can’t wait to explore the woods with my dad! From, Brian

June 16
Dear Diary, Today we took off in a small bush plane with a pilot named Jim or Jake. I am not really sure which is his name because I was so nervous about being in such a small plane. The pilot was waiting for me when I got to the airport. He was flying some drilling equipment and had a survival pack in the back of the plane in case we had to make an emergency landing. The pilot noticed that I was sad to be leaving my mom and offered to show me how to fly the plane. I was really nervous at first but quickly got the hang of it. After a few minutes the pilot started complaining about stomach pains. They got worse and his body started to jerk. I noticed his eyes roll back into his head and there was spit coming from his mouth. I realized that the pilot was probably having a heart attack and I was so scared and started to freak out and scream. After awhile it was obvious that the pilot was dead and I was all alone and would have to fly the plane. I had to pull myself together as I tried to use the radio but I lost connection. I decided to come up with a plan to land the plane in a safe place. From, Brian

Sometime in July?
Dear Diary, Right now I am sitting at my campsite. I survived the crash by landing in a lake. I still can’t believe that I survived the crash with no major injuries. Sometimes I wish that the pilot was here with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone. So far I have settled into a little cave and I have some weapons. I made a bow and arrow and also a double pronged spear out of wood by using my hatchet. I used the spear to try to catch fish but I couldn’t figure out how to hit them. I always missed which was really frustrating. One day I remembered that you have to aim a little below the fish because of the light waves. I hit my first fish! It was a round fish about 6 inches long. I then hit the next couple of fish easily. It has been about thirty days since I survived the plane crash and I am getting used to living in the wilderness. I am getting better at hunting for food and cooking it. I am thankful