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Plot and theme (Fictional) For every war there is a military program kept in such secrecy that no one but the current Secretary of Defense and a handful of military personnel placed in infantry units are aware of. The purpose of this military program is to create a Soldier of extraordinary combat capabilities to kill and dispose of existing evidence of high ranking officials in other countries and their corrupt affiliates while committed actions of violence are covered up by the controlled media. ((Idea came from the Jason Bourne series which I will have to look into to make significant changes to be considered creative and original)(United States Army Special Forces, Navy Seal Team Six, and Delta Force usually take the credit for actions committed by the Super Soldier.)) Many Soldiers are selected for this program based off their weapons qualification score, physical fitness scores, height and weight, and survival skills via a self-deleting email received by select military personnel whom are aware of the program and are within the region of possible Soldier candidates. Of the selected, only several Soldiers are able to survive the two chemical injections enhancing their physical and mental capabilities to increase how fast and how much information they can process in combat situations in direct relation to their enhanced physical capabilities to ensure mission accomplishment. ((Idea came from Stan Lee’s creation of Captain America, but after more research it has been found that the new Bourne movie titled The Bourne Legacy has their spy characters become enhanced through two pills. I will have to add something else in the super human creation process. )(In this particular story, the Soldier selected is responsible for every execution of high ranking official and or their affiliates at the command of the “Director” in the war in Iraq. The “Director" is the alias the Secretary of Defense goes by to keep his identity a secret and the program a secret.)) After adjusting to their new bodies and minds, the Soldiers in the program advance to the next stage and have to endure rigorous martial arts training, weapons training, and tactics of modern warfare not released to the rest of the military. The last part of the training program is to determine which Soldier is the best among them. In the final stage of the selection process they are taken to an island not in known existence to the rest of the world. None of them are aware of where they are headed and what is in store for them. Upon reaching the island they are given quickly briefed on their final task. They are given three days to do what they must in order to survive, but there can only be one Soldier selected per war. This competition to the death tests their capability to remain vigilant and on task while going against their moral codes and values learned in civilian and regular military training exercises to serve their country. (Idea for this derived from Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and other fighting games with a ladder of death matches.) This also shapes the selected Soldier’s mind to be extremely cold and emotionless as he has to kill his comrades who are now enemies to him. After initial brawls and hand to hand combat, the remaining Soldiers have scattered around the island in search of weapons that have been dropped in crates from a black hawk helicopter. A dramatic and emotional, but bloody battle breaks out among the last two men as they have gotten to known each other in the previous training events. After being the one to come out on top, Soldier will never be same again and shows signs and symptoms of emotional instability throughout the remainder of the story while in quarters or not on a top secret dangerous mission. Plot Twist, Climatic change of direction in the story, or Sequel (Still undecided to write a short story, a novel, or a trilogy) : After killing the guy in the position of Osama Bin Laden (Fictional name not yet created.) The selected Soldier…