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Communication is when a group or pair of individuals send a message to one and the opposite individual retrieves it and responds. However the message that is sent can be misunderstood in various ways usually this can happens for a number of reasons however cultural influence in the most prominent effector for both verbal communication and non-verbal communication. All heath care professionals need to be understanding, considerate and have patience in order to communicate to other individuals what are native to speaking English and using English terms and customs.

Care professionals need to have awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences when communicating with others. For example people speak a range of languages, use different words, phrases and dialects I different regions of the world and may use different forms of non-verbal behavior to express themselves during individual and group interactions based on their culture. Health care professionals don’t develop an awareness of cultural variations in communication and in interaction styles and presences, communications may be misunderstood or may make no sense at all.

Cultural influence on verbal communication.

Many people find that that learning a second language is exceptionally difficult and are more comfortable mixing their language together with for example English and Arabic. If a patient comes to a health care setting and tries to communicate but not know the English term they may use their own language instead. Heath care professions need to be able to use there “reading skills” to interpreted what they mean.
For example: a person come into a local GP to ask about her head pains , however English is not her first language so she finds it hard to communicate with a person who doesn’t speak Arabic . Looks tenses and says “I have pain here in my 'much’ she says this while pointing to her head. The doctor will now understand that what the woman mean is haddocks and will assess and ask the relevant question to determine the cause and solution to the problem. however if the doctor feels that the woman is not understanding her she may ask for a translator or use visual aide that can be universally understood. In countries around the world all individuals use slang to express what they mean. However it can sometimes be highly inappropriate and can be sometimes misunderstood when you use words in a different context. for example is a person from London says it’s raining cats and dogs , a native speaker will be confused to that statement and there be frustrated . Heath care professions need to avoid using slang or unnecessary extravagant language when dealing with a person who isn’t used to the terms that the person may use as it can mostly learn to confusion rather than anything positive ending with people taking offence due to misinterpretation of English slang and communication.

An accents is a distinctive way of pronouncing a language , especially on associated with a particular country , area or social class for example a person may say “you have a strong American accent “having a accents is extremely common among all parts of the world due to its huge spread or mutiny culture in various places such a London. For example (based on common stereotyping) Americans tend to pronounce things differently to people and have different words for the same thing football to Americans is a rugby like sport to English people and soccer is football to English people. Some individuals find that having a stronger accent is embarrassing and find it socially awkward and lowers their self-confidence to talk to talk to a group of people , this may make a person reduce social interactions such a going to the GP. Having a strong accent for example