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Mass communication 130
In India usually media is owned by the both government and private cooperation’s for example, Doordarshan is owned by a branch of government Prasar Bharati. This network is found by government of India in 1959. Government also owned some radio station under this network for, example all India radio and also TV channels like DD News. There are also many private networks such as zee group. This network owns some of TV channels like Zee TV, Zee cinema. Entertainment Network India Limited is a private network company which holds some of radio stations like radio mirchi. Satellite is also owned by both government and private companies. For example star satellite. Cable is also owned by both. For example DD Direct is owned by government and TATA Sky is private. , , , , , , ,,,,
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In India mostly media is self-regulated but government has some powers to protect citizens. For example, government sets rule based on media but in the benefit of citizen. In India media is free to say anything but under some control. There is existing bodies for regulation of media such as the Press Council of India. This department is controlled by government. There another department censors board to regulate films and advertisements namely Central Board of Film Certification.,,,,
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In India broadcasting media is both private business and public services. For example, there are some government channels which only work in benefits of citizen for example doordarshan group is government network, who always help people in awareness of every kind. More importantly it is free to watch same as radio stations. You just need a TV to watch this not even any connection from other countries, whereas network like Star, Zee only work for profit. They advertise all the ridicules things for profit like ads of toilet paper, underwear’s and more., (me), (mom)
The telephone services are run by both private business and public services. For example BSNL and MTNL is run by government, whereas, Airtel, Reliance, idea and many more is run by private business but called as public services. Both wired and wireless services operate by the both private and public services.,,,|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=1.|5=vid=4395891365300049350=1&__utmk=97490207,, (me), (friend=Harpal, Rahul, Harman), (mom), (aunt)
No, broadcast media and telephones are not monopoly by government in India, as said above telephone is also run by private companies such as Reliance, Airtel and Idea, and the broadcast media is mostly run by other private companies such as Star, Zee, Sahara., (Mom)
Some political parties like in Punjab has share in news