Hidden Belief Essay

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The Hidden Belief Throughout history, religion has had negative and positive effects on the world on a global scale. Even today in the 21st century religion is not only restricting freedoms, but it causes wars, hatred, suicide, and even genocide. People feel that religion is a way to comfort themselves. They use religion as a way to guide them based off of faith. Even though religion is comforting to people and it makes them feel like they have a place in the world, it can at times steer these people who are so set on blind faith to do what the their higher being says is right even though morally it is not. The world is set on blind faith, it is set on the belief of a higher being, it is set on the belief that an almighty power in the sky is always correct and religion is the reason gay men and women cannot wed, the reason people kill themselves, the reason hatred is spread across the world, the reason blood is shed. People are silenced by religion and they commit atrocities through religion. People don’t realize that religion causes false hopes and they believe in something using faith but by definition faith is believing in something spiritually but without actual proof. In today’s world to prove something exist or is real is showing actual proof and explaining and significance of it. With religion there is no possible way to prove that a higher being created the world or that a higher being even exist, but people continue to believe it because of peer pressure and because of how closed mined they are. The bible is like a gilded stone, it looks very nice and promising on the surface