Hidden Holidays

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Hidden Holidays
Assignment 2

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1. Introduction

Hidden Holidays is a small travel company providing holidays villas in Florence and throughout Tuscany, Italy. The company is based in London but has a pan-European network of ten agents who match private holiday holiday accommodation with tourists throughout Europe. These agents are often former, holiday makers to the region. They work from home and contact the office in London via telephone and fax machine messages. Hidden Holidays does not make travel arrangements it only supplies accommodation and holiday information.
Recently at a trade conference Elaine, the owner of Hidden Holidays met Michael, who owns
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These issues can affect Hidden Holidays directly if something happens to a customer and they do not deal with it in the correct way. It would be important to advice customers of any current issues with crime in the surrounding areas. Italy also has the highest rate of child poverty in Europe. “Close to 2 million kids live in poverty in Europe's third-largest economy, according to a new UNICEF report. The country has the highest percentage of child poverty in all 25 European countries, a longstanding crisis that predates the nation’s current economic woes.” (Nadeau, Barbie Latza, 2012). This is an issue for the company as tourists will not want to see this while they are visiting the country.
Italy’s economy is currently in a state of difficulty. “France and Italy are among the nations in the beleaguered bloc that need to accelerate the policy changes needed to improve their competitiveness and help the euro zone exit a lingering economic crisis, said Olli Rehn, the European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs.” (Kanter, James, 2013). However, the recession is set to end in Italy in mid-2013. “The protracted recession to end in mid-2013” (European Commission, 2013). This can affect Hidden Holiday’s as they might opt to travel to another country due to how expensive Italy may currently be. As Hidden Holiday’s only operates within Italy it may be a good idea