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Most products or services claim to satisfy one of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs but only a few seem to fit into all five needs. When first entertaining the idea of one product or service encompassing all five needs, my mind starts immediately checking products off the list. There are so many products and services to choose from, we rarely find a real need for most of them.
One of the first ideas of products/services that came to mind is a fun one, The Ritz or more modernly, The Great Wolf Lodge or Webbers Hotel and Restaurant. The products and services that these places provide surely fit all five of Maslow’s needs. The need for food, water and sleep are all accounted for here as well as shelter and protection. The social aspect of belonging even for one night is well established in places like these because of their reputation as a high quality service industry. A sense of accomplishment or success can also be felt when visiting because you will be waited on in many different ways. Finally, when a guest in such a highly regarded place, you can spend time fulfilling your own needs by doing what you prefer and spending quality time with the people you choose.
Other products that may fit all five need could be organic or health foods. The basic physiological need is met along with the safety of a more pure and healthy product. When choosing to buy organic or local foods there is a sense of belonging to a greater purpose or community. These products may also give you a sense of accomplishment for making a healthier food choice. Making healthier choices can often times be enriching and self-fulfilling.
Some bottled water like Fiji or Smart Water is advertised to fulfill all five needs as well. This is a stretch in my opinion but non-the-less a genius-marketing move. We all need water to live!
Serta Mattress, Sleep Number or Memory Foam all comes to mind as a product that claims to fit all of our…