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Did you know that so many historic events happened on December 30th that changed the word forever? It also changed the lives of so many people to and the way they look at life now. Tragic events in history change our people and our society, sometimes in a good way but also it could be in a bad way. One of the events that happened on December 30th was a fire in the Iroquois theater in Chicago Illinois. It was the deadliest theater fire in US history. It killed more than 600 people on this day. Before the opening of this theater in November it was checked out by Ed Laughlin and he said it was fire proof. The fire started at the play they had on December 30th. 27 out of the 30 doors were locked and people couldn’t get out. Most of the people were seated on the balconies and there were no exits put there so most of the 591 either jumped to their death or burned to their death. The people say that most of the deaths were caused by blocked exits and lack of fire-safety plans. Another event that happened was the U.S army massacres Indians at Wounded Knee. Indians thought that if they did the ghost dance and rejected the ways of the white man that the gods would anew and destroy all non-believers including all non-Indians. Police arrested sitting bull who is the famous Sioux chief because they believed thought that he was a ghost dancer. Later the US army’s 7th cavalry surrounded a group and ghost dancers and told they to surrender all weapons but when they didn’t it broke out into a fight and a lot of Indians lost their lives. 150 Indians lost their lives that day. Most of them were women and…