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Kathryne Rinaldo
Professor Malone
October 11, 2014
High Line

This past Saturday I spent my day at the High Line in the Meatpacking District. The High line is a 1.45-mile-long park in New York City built on an old railroad above ground. It is a park of concrete pathways, seating areas and nature life. There are unexpected views along the park that show the City and the Hudson River. The urban park began construction in 2006, with the first phase opening in 2009 and the second phase opening in 2011. The third and last phase officially opened just recently on September 21, 2014. A small section above 10th Avenue and 30th Street is still closed but will open by 2015. The project has increased neighborhoods that are along the line. As of September 2014, the park gets almost 5 million visitors yearly. While I was observing my surroundings on the High Line, I noticed that there were many actual New Yorkers walking around rather than tourists. I think that more New Yorkers who live in this area know more about this park than the tourists that come to visit this city. Ever since the High Line began construction, there have been neighborhoods that had flourished in this area leading to more business for the restaurants and shops around. The park is a nice place to go to for a relaxing day people watching, studying for classes, or reading a book.
The High Line has benefited the West Chelsea area in many ways. It has brought more tourism to the area and has drawn people to the surrounding neighborhoods. This park has also generated more business for the restaurants, shops, and the Chelsea food market. Before the High Line was constructed, the area’s businesses weren’t doing too well…