High Noon Short Story

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In two stories, both about murder and crime. In one, is a movie called High Noon and takes place in the MidWest, in 1952. It's about a mashall named Will Kane who's job is to protect his town, although there is three men after him because they want revenge. A similar short story is called "The Most Dangerous Game", which is about a man named Rainsford who got deserted on a man's island. It was called Ship Trap Island, it was near the Caribbean, and the time era was 1924. The man's island he was on likes to hunt people, and the man wanted to hunt him. Rainsford made a deal to play a game with the man so he didn't get hunted. Throughout the two stories there are comparisons and contrasts between the two between the main characters, settings, and conflicts. …show more content…
They were both brave leaders for facing their conflicts and not running away. They also were very bright by outsmarting the people after them. Lastly, they were both alone. In High Noon, as people found out there was murders coming to town, people began to leave, and Will was all alone. A quote from High Noon that showed how the town left him "seems to me people aight to be alone when they get married" (Foreman 51). He said this because right after he got married, his wife wants to leave town after she found out about the murders. In "The Most Dangerous Game", Rainsford ended up on the island, but he fought the man alone. Both of the main characters have some