Essay on High Renaisance Art

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Emmanuel Galvan December 11, 2012
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1. Leonardo Da vinci
Mona Lisa
Oil on Wood panel
Art of the High Renaissance

- probably the world’s most famous painting, became the standard in art at the time
- It was one of the fist paintings that seems to be looking at you directly in the eyes making it intriguing.
- The painting look simple but complex in the face espresions.

2. Michelangelo
Creation Of Adam
Art of the High Renaissance

- God seems to be almost touching Adam with his finger but in reality is not
- God is depicted as an elderly white-bearded man wrapped in a swirling cloak while Adam, on the lower left, is completely nude..
- the fresco is on the Sistine chapel ceiling, and this is one of various work of art the artist did in this building.

3. Titian
"Venus" of Urbino
oil on canvas
Art of the High Renaissance

- The artist seems to use the linear perspective technique to create a good contrast background in the painting
- The dog in the background is a symbol of fidelity.
- She is in a very provocative position

4. Andrea pallado
Villa Rotonda (villa capra)
Begun 1560s
Roman architecture
Art of the High Renaissance
- The villa itself was inspired by the pantheon in Rome.
-First building with a dome that is not use for religious purposes.
- he name La Rotonda refers to the central circular hall with its dome

5. Albrecht Durer
1500 oil on wood panel
Art of the High Renaissance

- he represent himself like rich and idealized even Christ like figure with his long hair and frontal pose
-Also his hand are very detailed showing his gift as an artist.
-This is the best looking of various self portarit he made during that time.

6. Hieronymus Bosch
Oil on wood panel.
Art of the High Renaissance

-This is a triptych which means that a painting is dived into 3 different panels.
- it has a main panel and two small panel in each side.
-seem to show Christian belief in humanities natural state of sinfulness

7.Gianlorenzo Bernini
1623 sculpture, marble
Seventeenth-Century Art in Europe

-It was a new type of tridimensional sculpture
-it was the first David sculpture that was in action making you feel and see that his is moving
-If you see his face closely you notice the expression of action and determination that his throwing the rock

8. Caravaggio
The calling of St. Matthew
oil on canvas
Seventeenth-Century Art in Europe

-you can notice who Jesus is because everyone is looking at him.
-you can clearly notice the tenebrism in the painting by the contrast of dark and bright.
-this painting inspired an entire generation of artist

9.Diego Velasque
Las Meninas (The maids of Honor)
Oil on canvas
Seventeenth-Century Art in Europe

-this one the most widely analyze work in western painting for its complexity and enigmatic composition.
-The five year old child is the center of this painting
-also you can see king Philips and his wife in the reflection of the mirror in the back

10. Thomas Jefferson
House, Bricks
American art 1700s

-Monticello was the first house to have a dome in the united states.
-The white House was is influenced by Monticello
-Jefferson redesigned the house when he was influenced by French architecture when he spent a couple of years in France. 11.Theodore gericault
The Raft of The "Medusa"
Oil on canvas
European art 1800s romantic period

-Painting represented an actual event that happened four years before.
- a shipwreck happened and there were only lifeboats for the captain and his offices.
-a painting that has political views and wasn't based on biblical figures or stories.

12. Tomas cole
The oxbow